All Souls Have Worth

ASHW Meaning

Our normal expansion of ASHW is All Souls Have Worth, but there are others - even if it is just for our amusement.

All Saints Heartily Welcomed. What does it mean to be a saint? To be a saint is to never (nearly never?) go against what you know to be wrong.

Anti Satanic Heroes Welcomed. Satan, is he real? Is he a he? Whether you believe he is real or just a concept, there are people worshipping Satan and therefore by extension bringing badness to the world. This must be opposed at all levels if our world is to be made into a war free paradise. It might be difficult to understand the traumas satanists have experienced, but those traumas must be real for anybody to want to go against the natural order of life.

A Shush Helps Wisdom. Quiet your mouth, quiet your inner voice. If your brain is chattering away, it is not able to see clearly. Enlightenment is all about the ability to be silent and learn more than any chatterbox can. To see the world as it is.

There are many more reverse acronyms available, some sensible and some silly. Here on this page, I prefer to keep it fairly sensible. So, let us finish with the most helpful.

A Shush Helps Wisdom. Shush!

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