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The people of ASHW are highly experienced meditators who
provide expert help for those who seek the truth.

Improve Your Life

It is commonly understood that the path to enlightenment is for the serious spiritual student. This could not be further from the truth.

Why? Because the skills learned following the path improve your life. Some of the benefits include faster reflexes, improved mood and seeing through the bullshit of this world. Is that of any benefit to you? Trust me, these bonuses are like winning the lottery. Even if you never reach enlightenment, these benefits are available and so worthwhile.

You will be a more confident, stronger willed version of yourself. What is there not to like about that. Faster, more determined, funnier — and fairer. Your calmness will impress. Where there is pressure you will be able to withstand the pressure and be the alpha man or queen bee if you so choose. You will have the power to choose. You will be able to set your own direction and live the life you want — just by allocating thirty minutes a day to practising the path.

Is it worth it? Too right it is!