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Life's Meaning

The meaning of life. The age old question — why are we here? Perhaps the first question to answer is “Are we special?” To our ancestors the answer was easy, there were humans capable of thought and speech and there were animals. Now we know that there are billions of planets and some of them may support intelligent life — unlike earth which has only an approximation to intelligent life! That doesn't mean we are not special, it just makes the answer less clear. For those who believe in Heaven and Hell, you will find out soon enough, and for those who believe in reincarnation, you may never know.

So, with no clear answer, perhaps we should make our own meaning. We should choose to have a life that is meaningful for us. Which means we have to know what is meaningful for us. Firstly, however badly we were treated as a child, there is no excuse for doing bad to other people. This does not include self-defence.

Making meaning of our own life has to be in line with what makes us comfortable. It has to be in line with nature. Doing good to help other people or even animals gives a good meaning to your life. Annoying as it might be for you people who feel the world has treated them unfairly so far, you will find the world will be a kinder place if you are kinder to the world. This doesn't mean become a pushover. It does mean you should not rely on karma. The world doesn't have a memory and your place in the world is affected by what you are doing now, not the past.

This website is dedicated to reducing fear and increasing love. These two things will help you find a meaningful life. With that in mind, go forth and prosper.