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Loving Kindness Meditation

The third type of meditation practised by us is Loving Kindness Meditation, a practice that helps with a number of different problems.

Firstly, the practice of Insight Meditation and Mindfulness can lead to a point where the behaviour of others is seen and understood more clearly. Any negativity in this perceived behaviour may cause anger. By using Loving Kindness Meditation, calmness and compassion can be restored.

Secondly, if you are the type of person who has to give presentations and find it nerve-wracking, Loving Kindness Meditation can help. Surprisingly enough, Loving Kindness Meditation helps you to feel more confident — if you love everybody there is nothing to fear. This has been found to work better than imagining the audience naked from the waist down!


There are many different ways of practising Loving Kindness Meditation and this is how we practice it.

As the meditation can be as short or as long as you wish, it is not necessary that you sit in a lotus position. It is possible to carry out this meditation as you walk, stand in a bus, or just stand while washing the dishes.

Step 1: tell yourself (quietly) that you love yourself. The specific words are less important than believing in that love. Repeat this three times.

Step 2: imagine your nearest and dearest, your most loved ones, then tell them that you love them. Once again the specific words are not important, the intention is. Repeat three times.

Step 3: next think of your neighbours or your tribe, tell them that you love them with proper intent. Repeat three times.

Step 4: the next group of people is not so easy. This is the group of people that you find difficult to communicate with without argument. Imagine them and tell them you love them three times. While this is perhaps the hardest part of this meditation, it is also the most fruitful. Notice how your relationship with these people changes if you carry out this meditation regularly.

Step 5: Now imagine you are talking to everybody in the whole world, once again you tell them you love them and repeat for a total of three times.

That is it. How long this takes depends on how accurately you wish to imagine the different groups you are giving your love to.

Repeat once a day, plus whenever stressed, and have your life changed for the better. You gain confidence! You feel better about yourself and your relationships! A big change for the better from such a small step.

Good luck!